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Everything Counts

Scare Tactic

A few things to consider as you make an informed decision regarding your future...

How much is your high school diploma worth?


  • There are 180 school days per year (180x4) for only 720 total days in high school.
  • If you miss only one day every two weeks (that's 18 days per year), you've missed 10% of your schooling!
  • If you do that for four years, you've missed 72 days (504 class periods), leaving only 648 days.
  • That alone is almost an insurmountable roadblock towards graduation.
  • If most people in the work force miss more than ten days a year, they'll most likely be fired.


  • When you think about it, you're in high school for about two years (356 days a year x 2 = 712 days).
  • Thus, high school is really about a two-year degree (the other two years consist of vacations, holidays, weekends, etc.)
  • You've already lost 10% of your education due to absences.
  • Let's say you choose not to pay attention (talk with a friend, stare out the window, doodle, etc.) for only one minute out of every ten (that's only five times per period)... there goes another 10%!
  • You've just lost another 72 days... 144 days missed out of 720 (that's 20%) - only 576 days left...


  • You're not a "bad" kid, but no one's perfect, right? Let's say you choose to get suspended 5 days per year...
  • There go 20 days. You've now missed 23% (164 days) of your education.


  • Let's say you are five minutes late to one class per day. There go about 11 more days. 175 total days missed.


  • Even though the school tries to avoid them, add another 5 minutes per class of classroom interruptions.
  • Add another 5 minutes for the teacher to take roll, get everyone "settled down," and started.
  • Add another 5 minutes the teacher has to spend disciplining the class or an individual.
  • That's 15 minutes per class that's not even your fault! There go 216 more school days! WOW! 391 days down the drain.
  • Only 329 days left to earn a quality high school education and diploma.
  • Now take away 10 more days per year for CAHSEE, SBAA, state testing, finals (probably more like 30)... only 289 days left for education.


  • Let's say you're sometimes a bit, um, "lazy," and you only give 50% effort (instead of 100%)...
  • There go another 144 days due to low motivation and effort.
  • Only 145 days. Even if everything goes perfect from here on in, your high school education is worth less than a year.


  • Students who pick the wrong friends (negative peer influences) may experience significant difficulties... students who don't do their homework will experience difficulties (you know, teachers get mad)... students who use drugs or alcohol give themselves much less chance to succeed in high school... students who choose to be defiant, argumentative, resistant, fight, act out, etc., will experience severe setbacks in their education.


  • Nationwide, only 7 out of 10 students graduate from high school (do the math - that means 3 out of 10 don't).
  • Those who graduate do so sometimes with only 1-2 years of education and then try to compete worldwide for jobs.


  • Your education is about you, but not completely about you... it is also about society's survival.
  • Society is only as strong as the next generation.
  • Every second of your life is precious, important, and valuable.
  • What will you choose regarding your education, future, dreams?
  • You're not there to make your teacher happy - you're there for you.
  • You only have one chance at high school... go for the gold!

"A student gets out of education what s/he puts into it."


Scare Tactic © 2001, 2015-22. Donald J. Asbridge, Ed.S. Bakersfield, California USA Some rights reserved.