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Everything Counts

November, 2012

Okay, I have to name this blog something. What will it be? How about, November, 2012.

Less helper

Saturday, November 3rd, 2012

Last night we had Hamburger Helper. Right now I'm wishing there was a little more hamburger and a little less helper.

Results are in!

Wednesday, November 7th, 2012 

The citizens have spoken and the results are official. Congratulations to President Obama and Vice President Biden.

There remain many challenges for our political system, the divided nation being one of the greatest. I'm not optimistic, though, that our nation will ever truly unite on many issues and that's okay... I don't guess we should ever expect everyone to get together and always peacefully agree on everything.

But maybe our government, Democrats, Republicans, Independents, and the Others, could make it a four-year priority to at least try to make the governmental system work like it's supposed to? I mean, just show up and whether you're in the legislative, executive, or judicial branch, just do your job.

Some Republicans have already declared their intent (i.e., ongoing resistance to anything put forth by the Democratic president). I guess this is what we can expect for four more years? Personal politics to the degree that nothing -- no progress -- will happen. Republicans vs. Democrats. Us vs. Them. Good guys vs. bad guys. Both sides blaming the other. Both sides doing everything they can to keep the other side from "winning."

As Tom Brokaw said (paraphrasing), "Every disagreement in America just ends up in a big food fight."

I'm not a history expert and I honestly do not know exactly when, where, why, how, and by whom things started going the down the wrong path. But I do know what happened: America starting going down the wrong path. Maybe a Democrat was to blame or maybe a Republican or maybe someone or something else... I don't know. But whatever happened back then is history. What will happen now? All we have is now.

This issue of partisanship resulting in an ineffective government has been around a long time. Here's a brief snippet from one of my past poems from the 70's:

"Republicans, Democrats, can't do this, can't do that!"

I saw the following post on a Yahoo Board last night: "Maybe we will all unite and get back to the business of loving our country." Like I said, I don't know if we will ever unite and I believe we all -- no matter what our differing beliefs -- passionately love our country.

And I'm beyond the illusion that we will ever all live together in peace. I'm constantly reprimanded by many that war and conflict are human nature and we will always maim and kill other humans because that's who we are... that's what we do. I guess peace and love will always lose out to war and hate and I admit to being ignorant and naive for ever thinking/hoping/dreaming otherwise.

Boehner called for bipartisanship. We've heard it before but maybe/hopefully they really mean it this time?

Here's all I really hope for from all involved in national, state, and local politicians for the next four years: just show up and do your job every day. You weren't put into office to spend four years trying to get re-elected. I could be wrong, but I think most citizens (Republicans and Democrats) would agree with that.

Please politicians, leave your politics at the door like all the rest of of us citizens have to do when we show up to work. Just do your job. You have a big problem to solve. Concentrate! Focus on the goal...

Good luck to us all! 

No clocks!

Friday, November 9th, 2012

Every bit of webmaster advice I've ever seen says don't put a clock on your page for many reasons, including the fact that every visitor already has a clock right there on their computer, everyone already knows what time it is, or they don't care. Many other reasons are usually suggested. But I couldn't help myself. I put a clock right there at the top of my page. I think it's kind of cool plus it fits into the theme of my site, All We Have Is Now (Immediacy). I found the free code at So there you have it.

Happy 4th of July!

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