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Read the amazing February Letters from P.S. Like I always say, "don't listen to me, listen to the true experts." Then write your own letter... XP looks forward to hearing from you.


In February of 2014, XP heard from an amazing and heroic individual in Europe. His name has been shortened to "P.S." to protect his identity and confidentiality. P.S. is not only well-written and smart, he has a lot important things to say. I've encouraged him to keep telling his story - maybe even write a book about his experiences or start a web site. I would love to hear back from him. In any event, I hope you, the XP visitor, will read the next three sections (start with Part I). As I always say, "don't listen to me - listen to the true experts."

Hi Don (Part III)

Monday, February 17th, 2014

Hi Don,

Thank you for writing back to me and answering some of my queries about it all. The meds had turned my friend into a zombie, and I've got absolutely no idea as to where he is in life now. The last I heard was that he was contemplating going to Peru (or wherever they practice the process of drinking the pre-cursor of DMT that induces psychedelic trips and can cure addiction), despite the fact that he was a heavy abuser of DMT which he smoked regularly prior to the whole anti-depressant, anti-psychotic and psychiatric medication saga. He was firstly put onto the anti-D's due to a heavy opiate addiction, alongside an etizolam addiction too. After he came off the etizolam extremely rapidly and honestly dangerously, he was left with blephospasms that will stay with him for life. If this isn't the first signs of trouble ahead to any doctor, I don't know...

Apologies for not getting back to you sooner, I check my email quite rarely on my computer, and its such a pain in the arse to reply on my mobile because it's having some technical issues. I've been meaning to get back to you earlier, however I seemed to have to fly off somewhere whenever I wanted to sit down and actually write something, alas here I am now though - so I can actually write a comprehendible message back. I have spent a lot of time not talking to my family, as I thought I couldn't trust them for some reason - this was due to the drugs I think really. I never wanted to share my feelings or how things were going and have always thought the best way to get by is by saying as little as possible to them. That however is the completely wrong attitude towards family, the only people who you love, while they love back unconditionally for the rest of your lives. It seems you share the same with your family and I'm happy to see it.

My mother is a psychotherapist, who also practices CBT and the new DIT model of therapy too, She seems to have the same opinion on the whole topic as you by the sounds of it, the stigma firstly that's attached to mental health is an enormous problem that plagues the country and i'm sure the US too. The whole model is completely outdated and frankly shouldn't be used as an approach to these peoples problems. However, with the whole new DSM that was released - aren't we all just another person with a condition treatable with medication? The white house and UK government are putting more time, or should I really just say money, into this model as I believe the companies that produce these medications are funding both governments vastly to promote them. The therapy world hasn't got anywhere near the same amount of resources and money in order to do so, and in the end of the day, thats all that really matters to the big cats isn't it? The time is also drastically reduced too though isn't it? Giving a patient a drug and having them check in every month is a lot less costly to having rehab centres, paid therapists and constant check ups on individuals. She has said that many people that come in for treatment with her can be "cured", but also in a relatively short period of time, I write this in abbreviation marks as there isn't a true cure, but at least there is help which is beneficial, successful and progressive that isn't focused on medication. Many are even fully cured or get over many of their personal problems and struggles through the use of therapy - CBT mainly at the moment as it tackles the problem quickly and head on, but requires your emotional input.

The ADHD problem in America seems to be much like the epidemic that we experienced back in the 80's when Ritalin first came out. Britain was essentially the testing ground (from all the material and books i've read) for the whole use of stimulant based medication to treat generation ADHD. Now that more "intricate" and "new" medicines dominate the market, lots of people fail to recognise that Adderall for instance isn't new whatsoever - it's been used since the 30's to treat everything ranging from depression to obesity. The side effects of these drugs has been known for years on end, yet they always will find a new way to peddle these drugs onto people. The thing is though, the only drug that hasn't resurged among the market are opiate based medications, which I find somewhat surprising - considering they're the most addictive and could target pretty much everyone. Instead we use methadone - which is more addictive than heroin for opiate detox, and this new blockbuster - buprenorphine, which is promoted to be easy to get off, and cause no mental problems or defects whatsoever in the long term. Well - I know first hand that this isn't the problem, but I'll discuss that perhaps later on, if not in another email.

It sounds like you've a good, dare I say great, attitude to life that comes with age and experience from what I've seen. Being a 20 year old guy who is just starting to live and learn the true meaning of what life is really all about, I am not a typical student at university. I am studying politics, philosophy and history - but my particular interests lie within philosophy really. I have a love for pharmacology as a side interest, along with all matters related to human being's and helping them. I don't enjoy these big parties where everyone is drunk, looking for a girl to spend the night with, instead I prefer to stay at home, watch some television, talk with my mother and two sisters whenever the chance arises, and see the only two friends I really have when the opportunity arises. It's not that i'm socially inept or unable to behave as a "normal" student (at least what is considered to be normal, in my case I think it's far from being anything reasonable), I just don't feel that I should have to force myself into fabricated personas and behave like a klutz in order to gain "respect" from these types of people. I think i've passed that stage in my life, in fact I'm not much of a drinker anymore, i've had a lot of nasty experiences with the stuff, and it's never really benefitted me in any way whatsoever.

I do however face bigger demons in my life that I really believe stem from the experience I had when I was younger and put under the influence of these drugs that gave me a taste for what was available out there. I will confess that I am an opiate addict, though I've spent long periods clean from the substance, I usually fall back into a trap and a vicious circle of self-destruction which I don't think has really ended - even in the times i've been sober, its been for a greater purpose - for instance when I met my ex-girlfriend (two years ago actually). I had been destroying myself recklessly for the prior four months before I met her, it started once again after we seeked another doctor for the panic attacks I was experiencing at my new college I joined in September 2012. I was put on xanax - but limited to 20 tablets of which were 0.25mg. This gave me the taste that paved me on the way to drugs again, but now it was opiates. However, for any of this to fit together, i'll need to finish my previous story.

I had finally come off all these meds, my cognitive abilities had returned, but there was something missing. There seemed to be a dullness around me, in that I was bored, I didn't enjoy the surroundings I was in - considering I could barely make them out and was confused as to where I really was, and I was still being treated like a little child who needs parental guidance 24/7. There was no thrill in my life - but in reality there were no more things altering my mind or giving me the pleasure that drugs could. I'd had quite a lot of experience with codeine in the past as i'd managed to persuade the school doctor after my father died that I had back pain that only codeine could help, and he'd catered to my requests really. He'd give me a lot of it, i'd be high now and then, but i'd never take the piss with it. I'd get a weekly prescription of it, but it just all accumulated in the drawer of my desk, I took it whenever I was feeling really low - and in a way it saved my life, as it did help enormously with the depression that resided over me. Over the summer break I simply didn't take anymore of it, and remained off drugs until I broke my ankle and needed some pain relief, and then came my incident that got me kicked out.

While I was coming off all these crazy meds, I knew I had tons of pain meds stored in the cabinets from when my father died, but they didn't last very long. So now I had to go to boots every time I went in between the school by train from boots - neurofen plus. While I was coming off the cocktail of benzos and drugs, I was replacing them with opiates. When i'd stop taking the opiates, thats when I felt that boredom. I never had enough to last me a week, so I then started to take up drinking heavily whenever i could in the evening as there was a pub near the boarding school that we were allowed to visit on Thursdays (apart from me, I was not allowed on any circumstances - you see, exclusion from people once again, i was almost separated and isolated there by these dominating assholes) but I would sneak out to that pub whenever I could with a couple of "mates" from boarding school. They weren't really mates to me, they were just people who wouldn't tell on me while I drank alcohol and smoked cigarettes. It's pretty obvious what happened from here frankly, It just went on and on, till I finally got caught by getting way too drunk with a bunch of people that I didn't usually go drinking with. I woke up that morning at 8.30am wondering why I hadn't been woken up for classes by the morning bell or my mate who would normally come and knock on my door and ask me if I wanted to go for breakfast. Instead I was met by the tap tap tap by my headmaster. I knew some serious shit had gone down, but I had no idea what. I was still horrendously drunk at this time, so I murmured "hello...?" to be replied with "put your uniform on and meet me downstairs at 9am on the dot". So I took a shower, stumbling there, got in and puked. I don't ever throw up when I've been drinking - so that was a sign that id really drunk a hell of a lot of alcohol the night before.

However my friend, i'll have to stop here once again, as I've really gotta get going and get on with dinner, family time and the usual business. I enjoy writing to you,

I hope that you're enjoying the story and my opinions so far, and am glad to have met you. There's still a long way to go,

But the best is yet to come.

I hope to hear from you soon.

All the best,


On Sat, Feb 15, 2014 at 1:53 PM, XP wrote:

Good morning P.S.,

Let's see, where to start? I guess I'll just start!

Yes, those are real responses from real people. It's important to note those are moments or experiences from my career - not daily events. Most days most teachers show up and do their jobs and everything goes along okay, as okay as could be expected given the system in which they work. They still yell at students too much, though. They still think getting the kid on meds will help. And they still give way too much homework, And more... I spend a fair amount of time trying to keep balanced myself - on one hand, I have dedicated my life and served my career trying to help - on the other hand, I'm working in a system which often seems to have contradictory goals. This conflict is probably the main source of many or most of my writings/rants.

I always try to provide hope and optimism for us all. For example, I know that even with everything you have experienced, you are not only going to be a survivor, but be better and stronger. I had some pretty horrific experiences in education, yet I made it... I also think less is more. I think that in almost every instance, a kid doesn't need a lifetime of therapy, medications, etc. - usually we just need to pay attention to them, listen to them, and maybe hand them a football, or a soccer ball, or a baseball glove...

Sometimes (oftentimes) I write things and then shudder at what I wrote too. For example... according to some reports, 1 in 10 American high school boys have been diagnosed with ADHD. So what happens? The white house grants millions of more dollars for increased mental health in the schools. What's weird is I don't have to make this stuff up -- to me, it seems pretty ridiculous. But to many, they still think mental health model "helps." To others, like you, they know what really happens in the mental health model.

Thank you for your kind words. If my writings help even one person I will consider my site a success. I've been meaning to "write a book" for about, um, 20 years, but will probably never get around to it. There are a lot of books and sites with similar views to mine and your's (I have a few good links (Bonkers Institute and John Breeding's, "The Wildest Colts Make the Best Horses" + his site) at my site but I know you can - and probably already have - google plenty of others.

I can tell you have a great writing style yourself and a lot to say... maybe you'll write your story in a book and/or site? I know you have a lot to say (and I'm looking forward to hearing more).

It's the weekend. I hope you're having a great weekend. I'm going to barbeque with my family and maybe start a big backyard bonfire. I'm always saying, "All We Have Is Now," so I hope you are having a great day right now!

Talk with you soon,


Hey Again (Part II)

Thursday, February 13th, 2014

Hey again,

I don't have the raw facts regarding anti psychotic medication prescriptions in the USA or the world, however a friend of mine was in the USA and suffered from a seizure brought on through the use of cannabis, though at the time he was on prozac and some other psychiatric meds, and the shrink told his parents and him that he had just suffered from a "hidden" psychotic episode.

He was given a six month script for zyprexa, despite the fact that he had eplispy, and had just had a seizure. Do doctors truly do this? I haven't spoken to him for a while, and God knows what he's on now, but his family bought into the whole thing.

I mean the guy was so out of touch with reality whilst I spoke to him it was just unbearable to listen. He said that it was curing his psychosis, he no longer suffered from social phobia, but I mean he was just emotionally blunt. It was as if talking to a shell. It's a tragedy frankly, but are you aware of these kinds of things happening? How do they sell this to the parents of the guy so well? I don't understand how they get sucked into this.... Just distortion of reality in such a high level that it's almost unbelievable.

I will share my personal story should you want to hear about a whacky psychiatrist here and my suffering. I was 17 years old, I behaved like a spoilt brat, and frankly did what I wanted. I was in boarding school, which I hated, and I got thrown out eventually because I drank a lot of alcohol and became aggressive. I visited a shrink afterwards as ordered by the school - enforced in a way, so that they could get whatever was wrong with me under control. So, I went and complied. I was drinking heavily in the months before the incident, and already brandished a problem child with an addiction to alcohol.

So this shrink tells my mum and I that he will persuade the school to let me stay in it by some miracle, which never came to fruition. I subsequently was sent to the school that my headmaster had previously ruled or governed. I had to be medicated in order to be there essentialy, and I was put on prozac and lyrica. I went berserk. I got angrier than I've ever been in my life, I cut open my knuckles and damaged a door. So I go back to this wonderous man and he doubles the doses of everything because apparently it wasn't working well enough. I then tried to kill myself a few times, but my anger subsided as I was rather subdued by these drugs. I had suicidal thoughts and tendencies frequently. I prayed that I would die. I go back again, taken off prozac, and onto lexapro. Lyrica dose was doubled and I was put on oxazepam too.

So I'm on this slurry of drugs, walking zombie. Thank god the prozac went, otherwise I wouldn't be here telling this story. The lexapro just numbed my emotions, I couldn't feel anything, coupled with the benzos and lyrica. Bear in mind I had what was called an alcohol problem, brandished as an alcoholic addict, but now- I'm fine. The drugs stop working as well after a while because of the quick tolerance, so the dose would be upped and up until no more. I was on 80mg of oxazepam a day, 800mg of lyrica, 20mg citalopram, and 50mg of trazaodone to help me sleep. My mum was essentially in shock, she didn't have a clue as to what to do, I was so far away from home yet I was promised the best care in the world at this new place. It was like something from one flew over the cuckoo's nest, honestly, weeks flew by and I had no idea what was going on, until I did again. I was still only 17. Yet I was bombarded by downers, that I apparently needed so badly, as otherwise I'd be able to think.

Eventually the drugs stopped working, and I was at the max dose of oxazepam apparently. I begged the doctor for sleeping pills because I knew how beautiful temazepam was, and how ugly trazaodone in comparison was. He gave them to me. But due to the oxazepam problem, I had to switch to diazepam to up my dosage. In my room at this boarding school I had a specially fitted medicine cabinet for me to store all these drugs in because they were scared others would essentially eat them and die. My lyrica dose was upped further to 300mg 5x a day.

As I was put on diazepam, everything changed like a flash. I fell asleep everywhere. I fell asleep standing up. I struggled to walk. I could barely talk. The nurse at the school couldn't stress the fact enough all the damn time I was there that she had experience with "terminal cancer patients" so she knew diazepam could roll over and build up as she said. I literally couldn't do anything. I'd move from class to class and pass out snoring so loudly that they couldn't even teach and leave me to sleep. None of this was relayed to my mother by the way, who was assured that I was getting exceptional care at this woulderful new boarding school. I couldn't tell her, I could barely move my legs, how could I visibly dial a number on the keypad of my phone?

My mother did find out though, as she found out I passed out on the train on the way to this place. She called me and luckily I could at least press answer. She was dsvastated. And that's when she intervened. If she hadn't of, I'd still be a vegetable, or dead. She forced me to come home, and she restricted my meds. The blissful tranquility of being mind fucked was now over for me. I tapered off the stuff in 6 months. Keep in mind I was brandished an alcoholic. So I'm peppered with GABA based drugs, the same as alcohol, just apparently not addictive. We were both told nothing I was taking was addictive to start with, and I could come off everything in two weeks. (I say my mother as my father passed away when I was 15).

They were the slowest three months in my life. I say three months, yet they were from Nov-April (I was on that cocktail of downers). Despite the fact I can hardly remember much of it, I just understood how slowly time went by. I was trapped in an infinite circle of nothingness. My cognitive abilities of course were non existent. I learnt nothing from school.

I have more I'd like to share if you'd be interested... That was just a taster really. By the way I'm 20 years old now.

If you'd like to hear more of this story of tragedy, woe but hope at the end of the tunnel let me know.


Hey There (Part I)

Thursday, February 13th, 2014

Hey there,

I'm reading through your website and finding it fantastic. Sometimes however I find it hard to differentiate between sarcasm and reality, perhaps I'm delusional according to the dsm, who know?

Did you really get those responses from people regarding teaching values? I can't believe a teacher would genuinely write that they don't give a shit about how their class feels, and that they don't have time for that because they're already so busy?

I shudder at some of it. Unfortunately I believe we are heading towards this ridiculous kind of world you describe at points. I live in the UK, and I'm at university at the moment, but you've opened my eyes to the real America in terms of growing up from a "kid" to "adult" overnight, perhaps with some adolescence in between.

It has given me food for thought. I thank you for giving up your time to write up all you have, I've thoroughly enjoyed reading it.

Here in the UK I'm not really sure how different growing up is, apart from we don't have free access to guns. I am left wondering where all the morality in the world has gone. Perhaps you are a glimmer of some of the last left.

All the best to you,


A Response to "Dear Parent"

Wednesday, April 3rd, 2013

Read Dear Parent. It's funny because I know some of those people! 

Dear Parent

April 1st, 2013

Dear Parent,

If you are seeking psychological services for your child, please be sure to speak directly with the psychologist.

Here's a scenario which seems to occur quite frequently in the schools. Jimmy has received a referral for saying the "F" word and is fearfully sitting in the vice principal's office awaiting the subsequent suspension or detention. Because this is such a serious concern, the parent/guardian is called. The conference begins with vice principal, parent, and Jimmy.

During the conference, the parent shares that "it's been tough" for Jimmy. This is the second time this fifth-grader has said the "F" word. Not only that but he sometimes doesn't complete his homework. Worst of all he sometimes doesn't pay attention. The vice principal offers reassuring help. He lets the parent know psychological services are available and he'll get the psychologist right on it. The parent leaves the conference reassured that Jimmy will finally get the help he needs. The vice principal was able to avert still another suspension (each suspension looks bad on certain mandatory lists).

So now, instead of an opportunity to learn from the consequences of his actions, Jimmy has now entered the mental health system. It's usually that simple. From now on, whenever there is a behavior of concern, it's because he has issues and instead of receiving a referral, he is sent to the psychologist. If problems continue, he is sent back to the psychologist. He keeps going back to the psychologist, apparently forever, as long as he keeps having problems. If he has problems, it's no longer his fault - it's the psychologist's fault. If the psychologist just provided better services, then Jimmy wouldn't be having problems. Jimmy can't pay attention, after all.

Here's what the referral looks like, always in an e-mail:

"Jimmy's mother is requesting your help. Jimmy has been swearing on the playground, will not complete his homework, and struggles with attention issues. Please call Jimmy as soon as possible."

This is a pretty convenient process for all all involved. Jimmy didn't get the referral. Mom has a great explanation as to why Jimmy is swearing and not completing his homework (his ADHD). And the vice principal doesn't have to deal with the case any more.

So the psychologist calls in Jimmy for the first session.

(Q) "Why did you say the "F" word?"

(A) "Everyone was saying it. It had to be said at least a thousand times. I was the one who got caught."

(Q) "Why aren't you paying attention in class?"

(A) "Because I hate the curriculum and my teacher is boring."

(Q) "Why aren't you completing your homework?"

(A) "Because I have four hours of football practice every evening, plus I hate homework."

So the psychologist offers a few empowering and encouraging words, provides some hope and optimism, and allows the opportunity for Jimmy to make some great choices. This is called a brief, strategic intervention. In the psychologist's eyes, Jimmy is ready to return to the classroom, where he belongs. And Jimmy now knows the psychologist is always happy to help in any way upon his request.

Everything goes along better for about six months. Then Jimmy is sent to the office for having an argument with another student at recess. Plus, it turns out, he still hates homework. Another conference is held in the vice principal's office.

Mom begins screaming. "Why isn't the school helping my kid? I thought he was supposed to be receiving help from the psychologist! The psychologist only saw him once! Why isn't the school providing the help they promised? Why aren't mental health services available? No wonder there's so many school shootings and so much bullying! I'm calling the superintendent! I'm going to start an advocacy group to fight for the rights of all the children in the district who can't pay attention!" The vice principal assures the parent he'll get right on it and make the psychologist work with Jimmy.

Is it not disconcerting to the parent that she has not yet spoken directly with the psychologist?

Is it not disconcerting that the vice principal is making psychological recommendations?

Jimmy has to be relieved though, knowing that this problem is the psychologist's fault.

There are too many middle men.

Parents, if you want psychological services for your kid, speak directly with the psychologist. S/he might recommend counseling, but s/he might make any number of other recommendations such as brief, strategic interventions, consultation, behavior interventions, referrals to outside agencies, parenting classes, the provision of resources on how to improve organization skills at home and attention at school, coping skills, etc.

Think about it for a minute. If Jimmy has a health problem and it's time to go to the doctor's office, you want to speak directly with the doctor, right? You wouldn't go in, tell the receptionist about Jimmy's symptoms, and allow the receptionist to say, "Jimmy will need surgery but let's start with a prescription, I'll get the doctor right on it. He'll be notifying your pharmacy so you can pickup the meds this afternoon and I'll schedule surgery for 8:00 a.m. on Thursday morning. And you need to bring Jimmy in two hours early for prep."

Parents, if you want psychological services for you kid, speak directly with the psychologist.

XP Offers Assistance to Biden Task Force

Sunday, January 13th, 2013

In ongoing efforts to help, I just sent this e-mail to Vice President Joe Biden:

Hello Vice President Biden,

I very much appreciate and thank you for your efforts leading the task force related to community and school violence.

As you have requested input from all, I would like to forward some information which might be helpful as the task force addresses this complex question.

As a school psychologist I have worked on the front lines of education for 25 years, worked with hundreds of bullies and victims, and have written about, researched, and studied this issue for a long time.

In 2001, after the Columbine tragedy, I wrote a piece entitled, "Boy With A Gun," addressing many of the immediate and related issues. I believe it was a worthwhile article in part because I was recognized by my state professional organization for it. With history repeating itself so recently, I have brought back and updated the original BWAG article.

I know you are much too busy to spend much time surfing the internet and I know there are thousands of pages and sites out there, each forwarding their own views and agendas. However, on the BWAG page I have many ideas, questions, and considerations which I don't often hear asked or mentioned. I understand if you don't have time to visit the site but maybe someone from your staff might have a chance to visit, and if there's any information there which might be helpful for the task force as it strives toward solution(s), please feel free to utilize it.

Also, please feel free to contact me to consult further any time if I can help with this important issue.

The site URL:

Thank you for all you are doing. I'm 100% with you and the task force.


Donald J. Asbridge, Ed.S., LEP, School Psychologist

Bakersfield, California USA

UPDATE (01/26/13): XP still has not received any communications or follow-up from VP Biden. Reports indicate he has contacted mental health "experts." We all know what that means.

Urgent Action Required...

Dear President Obama,

Thank you for your leadership and guidance in these dark and violent times and for your promise "to engage my fellow citizens, from law enforcement, to mental health professionals, to parents and educators, in an effort aimed at preventing more tragedies..." As you speak with stakeholders, be sure to contact me and ask better questions -- the solution(s) to this problem cannot just be more prisons and medications.

UPDATE (01/26/13): Still no reply. Instead, he gave millions to CDC.

Why do you...

December 4th, 2012

"Why do you dislike mental health so much?"

Ex-Middle School Vice Principal

I don't dislike mental health workers and I appreciate the efforts of everyone in mental health. As a professional school psychologist, I too provide mental health support for students. Again, mental health is important and can help humans.

On the other hand, I very much dislike much about the clinical model, which often merely misdiagnoses humans with invented conditions, places them on often unnecessary medications, enrolls them in anger management classes and/or years of therapy to, yes, I'll say it... to make money. And I'm horrified by the relatively recent return of "brain stimulation" (previously known as ECT) and "psychosurgery" (previously known as lobotomies).

The first thing I learned in graduate school was, as a social scientist, to be skeptical and to always forward/consider the null hypothesis. Chapter One insisted that we need to move away from the clinical/medical model -- that was in 1984!

I know some of my views may seem controversial or may be easily misunderstood at times. I of course want all humans to have access to appropriate mental health services and supports, but I want appropriate mental health supports. It's that simple. And I have to point out that I'm not the only social scientist asking these same scientific and ethical questions -- APA's Division 32, the Humanists, are asking the same important questions -- NASP has a position statement related to the consideration of noncategorical approaches... Szasz, Glasser, Seligman, Ysseldyke, Breeding, UCLA, and many more [millions] are asking the same important questions. These trailblazers have been asking the same questions long before I came along.

You, as a consumer should be asking the same questions.

Angst from Europe

November 4th, 2012

"The devastation in New York and on the east coast is horrendous. We [in Europe] have continuous newscasts about the situation. And now comes the stupidity of speculation as to how the natural disaster will affect the outcome of your presidential election. No doubt many of the religious fanatical fundamentalists will see this as an act of God, providing that Barack Obama is in league with the devil ... oh, give me a break - get real - grow up you lot!

You have suffered so much over the years - Obama was a ray of hope, a voice of sense.

Next week it will be Mitt Romney as the new President of the USA or (hopefully) Barack Obama will be returned and continue with his programme of working in the best interests of his PEOPLE. I fear for our sanity if Romney wins, but he can't, CAN HE?!!!"

Kids are kids

August 3rd, 2012

"My step son is being mis diagnosed by a crackpot family therapist in a small [western] town. She refuses to believe he doesn't have it and says we don't care for him. His mother feeds her lies about my step son's behavior while in her care and the therapist refuses to acknowledge that his behavior is drastically different with us. At his mother's home he has a videogame babysitter and is treated badly in our home he is not. I don't know what kind of proper channels we can take to help him not be crippled by his mother's greedy government money agenda. It is just nice to see that someone out there knows that kids are kids, they don't need a label, they just need to be cared for and shown the way."

I love your idea!

June 15th, 2012

"I love your piece on Drop Special Education and this is coming from someone who just finished getting a credential in Special Ed. Every student needs Specialized Educational Services. Totally, drop the labels and just help the students to learn!!!!!!!!! Wouldn't that be fabulous! And then general education teachers would actually teach all students and not discriminate because of the labels. I love your idea!!"

Happy 4th of July!

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