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Everything Counts

June, 2021

Welcome to XP's TERRIFIC June Blog. We're not f'ing around this month.

Thank you for visiting the June Edition of XP's Terrific Blog. We're pretty excited this month because we're finally gonna take a road trip. With the pandemic, it's been awhile since we've been able to be out on the road. We went to Lake Powell a year ago and have made a few trips to Riverside to visit family in the past several months. We can't even remember the last time we were in Vegas. But in a couple weeks we're heading out to the Pacific Northwest. We're gonna camp and boat and sit around the campfire, we're not f'ing around. We'll keep you informed and hopefully share some great photos. Have a great June!

June's Word-Of-The-Month

Ex·is·ten·tial·ism /ˌeɡzəˈsten(t)SHəˌlizəm/ noun. A philosophical theory or approach which emphasizes the existence of the individual person as a free and responsible agent determining their own development through acts of the will. Google Dictionary.


Standing By

Tuesday, June 1st @ 8:00 am PDT The question is often asked, "How could the citizens of Germany have stood by and done nothing while the Nazis took control and went on to do what they did?" It's fair to ask the same question of Americans during present times. Are we standing by and doing nothing while the racist Nazi Republicans are taking control [and will go on to do what we know full well what they will do]?

I don't want to be one of those people who will go down in history as having just stood by and did nothing. I've been thinking and wondering, what can I do, what can I realistically and actually do to stop these fascists? I've already tried a lot. I voted for politicians who aren't fascists. I've actually contributed money to some organizations who are fighting evil. I've written letters/e-mails to politicians. I courageously speak out in my blog and post clever memes on social media. I've signed many petitions. I don't back down from my beliefs in conversations with Republicans and their KKK/QAnon brothers and sisters. I haven't yet, but I guess I could go stand on a street corner holding a sign or maybe join some kind of a march. Maybe you have other ideas - if so, let me know, but right now, the only action that seems to hold any kind of potential to stop the nationwide and worldwide spread of authoritarianism is through voting, and yet, excuse my cynicism, even that doesn't yet seem to be stemming the tide.

Note: At the end of their excellent video, The Lincoln Project asks you to donate. I have actually donated to The Lincoln Project and guess what? The spread of fascism continues. Make your own decisions though.

Every two or four years we vote in or out the politicians of our choosing. And then what do we get? We get politicians still in charge of us. We can debate who the good ones are and who the bad ones are* but we'll never agree and we are right back into the same old rut of spending four years debating about the politicians while they keep doing what they're doing. But whether the "good guys" are in office or the "bad guys" are in office, the fascism continues to spread. None of them ask you or me what we want - once elected, they start making decisions and passing laws as if they are gods and goddesses. Again, excuse my cynicism - let me know if I'm wrong, but every day I wake up and there they are again, politicians all over the news and the fascist state continues to grow. I've asked this before, but can politicians solve the problem(s) they created? Who can actually solve the problem and how?

In baseball, we know the umpires did a good job during the game if we never noticed they were there. If everyone was talking about the umpires after the game, we know they did a bad job. Why is it we see the politicians everywhere, every day, from the time we wake up until the time we go to bed? Why can't they just be in their offices all day quietly representing us, doing their jobs? They need to STFU and just go do their jobs.

So I've always voted and I'll of course continue to vote. I hope everyone votes (I hope everyone is allowed to vote, I hope there still is voting in 2024). Short of taking up arms,** that seems to be our only real option at the present, even though voting doesn't seem to be working. So be sure to vote - we don't want to be the ones who stood around and did nothing. Continuing to elect these f'ing politicians is apparently all you and I can do, eh?

We are in no way blaming the citizens of Germany for what Hitler did; there is no doubt the citizens (and millions of others) were truly victims; there is also no doubt the citizens did what they could back then in what were very different times - there is no doubt there were many German citizens who greatly suffered and there were many who heroically resisted the best they could at the time. We're not saying they did nothing... we're asking, "Are we doing nothing?"

There is an easy answer to this question of course: Donald Trump must be prosecuted. If the DOJ, FBI, and other appropriate agencies would just do their jobs, then all of us citizens wouldn't feel like we need to solve the problem in the streets. It's possible that Biden's DOJ is afraid that if they prosecute, there will be a divided nation and possible civil war. But I hope they know we already are a divided nation and there might be a civil war if they don't do their jobs. Why do I have to worry if I'm the one just standing by doing nothing while all these federal agencies and government branches are right there in front of us all day long... doing nothing. I keep hearing that Donald Trump is, "being investigated." How long does an investigation take? Five years? Ten years? The Boston Globe agrees with me: Prosecute Trump Now.


Tuesday, June 1st, 2021 @ 8:00 am PDT As per the Intelligence Authorization Act for fiscal year 2021, by June 25th, US government agencies shall provide a declassified and detailed analysis of unidentified aerial phenomena data and intelligence and a detailed description of an interagency process for reporting UFOs. Finally, the government is going to tell us what we already know. And they're only gonna tell us part of what they know because if they told us everything they know, that would be fully transparent and that won't happen - they have to hold on to information to maintain power over the citizens and to, you know, protect us from ourselves.

Gee Whiz, Sorry!

We're sorry, we're very, very sorry, okay? We're really, really sorry...

Tuesday, June 1st, 2021 @ 8:00 am PDT A few years back (I don't remember the date or even the year, and I can't find the original post) I asked the question on Facebook if humans are a virus or, um, a cancer, or an infection. You know, the world's population starting small and spreading and eventually suffocating and killing the earth. I was quickly put in my place and notified that humans are not a virus! I quickly found out that humans don't like to be thought of as a cancer (see animated gif in sidebar). However, I found an article that posits the same question(s). I was glad to find this article because that means I'm not the only human on earth to have had this thought.

Has the human species become a cancer on the planet? A theoretical view of population growth as a sign of pathology? W M Hern, National Library of Medicine, 1993 Abstract: The author describes current global population trends as being similar to the development of a cancer in the living body. "The human species, through the instrument of culture, has become the dominant force of planetary ecological change. Our adaptations have become maladaptive. Moreover, the human species as a whole now displays all four major characteristics of a malignant process: rapid, uncontrolled growth; invasion and destruction of adjacent normal tissues (ecosystems); metastasis (distant colonization); and dedifferentiation (loss of distinctiveness in individual components). We have become a malignant ecopathologic process. If this diagnosis is true, what is the prognosis? The difference between us and most forms of cancer is that we can think, and we can decide not to be a cancer."

If you can think of the earth as a cell and if you know how a virus or cancer (or, um, infection) spreads, it should not be too difficult to at least entertain for a moment the thought that the continued uncontrolled destructive spread of humans is similar in many ways (even spreading to other cells, like the moon, Mars, and beyond).

And we know what the prognosis is. So my apologies... I'm sorry if I called you a cancer or a virus - what I meant to say is the spread of you humans is quite similar in many ways to that of a cancer or virus (or infection).

Finally, Hern leaves us with an optimistic point. He reminds us that we can think and make great decisions: we can decide not to be a cancer. That's what we do here at the XP's Terrific Blog too, we're always filling you up with optimism. You could do something terrific right now.

FREE Advice

Tuesday, June 2nd, 2021 @ 7:00 pm PDT So I don't have the exact statistics right now but it seems a certain percentage of mass shooters are disgruntled employees. No one has ever taken my advice before but I still like to give it (it makes me feel good): Maybe you employers and bosses should quit treating your employees like shit and it might be a good idea for you employees to quit bullying your coworkers. I'm just sayin'...

The One and Only Original Miss D!

Quit Calling Him & Them "Mentally Ill"

Trump, McConnell, McCarthy, Cruz, Pence, Graham, Hawley, Gaetz, Boebert, Flynn, Giuliani, Jordan, Abbott, Nunes, Taylor Greene, Paul, Stone, Scott, DeSantis, Manchin, Kushner, Bannon, Putin, DeVos, DeJoy, Carlson, Dobbs, Jones, Lindell, Powell, Meadows, Diamond and Silk, KKK, QAnon, Proud Boys, and many more...

Wednesday, June 3rd, 2021 @ 6:20 pm PDT I keep hearing people calling the Republicans (and those who are leading the big lie and actively engaged in other attempts to overthrow American democracy) "mentally ill." Obviously they are batshit crazy, but don't call them mentally ill - that is unfair to those who truly suffer from mental illness. The behaviors of these f'ers are criminal and need to be treated as such. Rather than trying to write an entire explanatory thesis, let me provide a brief example/scenario in quiz form because everyone loves quizzes:

Let's say you are chosen to be a juror in one of the inevitable trials for Trump (or any of "them") where he is being tried for treason and other [alleged] crimes. His lawyers will certainly argue that he should be innocent by reason of insanity; they will point out that he is delusional and psychotic. Are you going to:* a) let Trump go free due to mental illness? Are you going to say he is not responsible and not accountable for his actions and the appropriate consequence is therapy/meds? or b) his actions were criminal and the consequences should be whatever the appropriate consequences are for traitors who commit treason?

*Obviously this is a hypothetical question that cannot be answered before the criminal justice system process occurs, and of course, [almost] everyone is innocent until proven guilty in the US, but before you keep repeating that he's "mentally ill," just think of the end game. What is the necessary consequence for Trump (and the rest)? Medications or prison?

Letters To The XP Editor

E-Mail your letter to the XP Editor

"You swore so I'm not ever going to visit your blog again."

Alabama Annie

"Sorry I offended your pristine KKK ass."

XPB Editor

"Do you really think I'm a cancer?"


"I'm sure you're not a cancer."

XPB Editor

"What does being an existentialist mean?"

Freshman English Major

"It means... nothing."

XPB Editor

"I hope you can help me. I have eleven years I still have to work until I can retire. I hate my job but I'm stuck in it because I need the healthcare. My boss treats me like crap and the other employees bully me. I'm very angry, frustrated, and depressed. How can I cope with this every day for the next eleven years?"


"I'm sorry to hear of your situation. It sounds like you're in a third-world country, where they tie healthcare to employment. I'm not sure if I have helpful ideas right now - I know of thousands more who share your experience and feelings. I do know one thing - a gun will not solve the problem."

XPB Editor

"How much longer are you going to continue writing your blog?"


"I'm not exactly sure, but my mission here on earth is just about finished."

XPB Editor

"Should a new bipartisan commission be developed to investigate the January 6th insurrection and attempted coup so we can find out what happened and who did it?"

A New York Democrat

"Well, that should've happened but it doesn't look like it's going to happen. Not to worry, we already know what happened and we know who did it."

XPB Editor

"Why don't you believe our government, the greatest government in the world in the greatest God-fearing country in the world, would not be transparent with us about UFOs?"

True Arizona Citizen

"Gosh, I guess you got me on that one."

XPB Editor

"I'm not at all worried or concerned about mass shootings because there's only a very small chance it will ever happen to me."

North Dakota Ned

"I understand what you are saying."

XPB Editor

"Why are you blaming the victims? The citizens of Germany did everything they could to resist the fascist onslaught."


"That really isn't my intent. In the article, I'm merely trying to ask if there's anything else we can do at the present to stave off the fascist onslaught. I think everyone is doing everything they can but - it's not working... the fascist movement continues to grow. So it's just an honest question: what realistically can be done besides voting once every four years? Is that it? Is that our only hope? Voting in more politicians? It's just an honest question.

XPB Editor 

Any opinions expressed are opinions only and are not necessarily approved or endorsed by, um, anyone else, including the XP Blog Editor. On the other hand, any facts expressed or implied are indeed, facts. Just as is true for everything else in this world, you get to decide what you believe is opinion, what is fact, what is research based, and if and how they may or may not all fit together, but a fact is still a fact. Please note that just because something is research based doesn't necessarily make it a fact; and not all facts are research based. Some opinions are factual and research based. Some opinions are not facts, yet are still research based. Just because something is research based does not necessarily make it factual or ethical. Some facts are facts for some but seemingly not for others, yet a fact is still a fact; the same concept holds true for opinions and research. The same can be said for humor, satire, parody, and serious statements. Some opinions are just opinions. Ultimately, free speech is protected by the first amendment and one thing is always certain... Everything Is.

Don't think of it as a "Blog," think of it as a "Gazette."

XP's Terrific Blog is for educational, motivational, empowerment, humor, satire, self-therapy, and other purposes.

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Photo Credit (Hitler Giving Speech):

Credit (Asshat McConnell): Joe Cummings

Credit: Animated GIF showing cancer spread from Harvard Medical School

Credit: June Meme from

*Actually, it's no longer a debate... we know who the good guys are and who the bad guys are.

**We are not advocating taking up arms, XP has always called for a nonviolent revolution.

Thank you to our great Facebook Friend, Bill Carlin, for positive input/insight into XP's Blog.

Thank you to Bob Zilla DeVore and Laura Fay for positive input and always taking the high road.

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We remain on FULL ALERT. The republicans' all-out war on democracy continues on a daily basis. Their insurrection and attempts to gain fascist control are escalating. Their coup attempt did not end on January 6th.

• It is June of 2021 and the Electoral College still has not been eliminated.

• It is June of 2021 and Trump still has not been prosecuted.

Just STFU!


Tour the US Capitol

Republicans tour the US Capitol on JAN 6th

June Meme Of The Month

FEAR Continued...

Mother of Violence

Peter Gabriel, 1978

"Fear, fear, she's the mother of violence

Making me tense to watch the way she breed Fear, she's the mother of violence

You know self-defense is all you need

It's getting hard to breathe

It's getting so hard to believe

To believe in anything at all"

Project Update...

As promised (see August Blog), here's a brief update on my camper project. I've been slowly progressing on this project and I'm ready to hit the road soon. There is a shelving unit (on the right) with plenty of storage space as well as the counter top with a drink holder. The bed (left) is cushioned; the top can be lifted and there is storage below. Wood is stained and looks pretty good (looks better in real life than in the photo above). The floor is carpeted and insulated. I'm still not finished (a work of art is never done) but I'll be adding some curtains, more insulation, and side panels this week. I'm heading to the Northwest later this month and I'll be camping and living out of my truck - I hate paying $100 for a bed for eight hours in a motel. I'm sure I'll be sharing a few photos of my adventures right here at XP's Terrific Blog.

Human Population Spread

See the article, "Gee Whiz, Sorry!" for details.

Maybe the aliens are coming to try to stop the spread of the humans?

For Women Only...

DISCLAIMER: I am not a woman and I do not understand anything about being female. I am going to ask you a question and whatever your answer is, it is of course the right answer, just as is always true.

QUESTION: You have made it very clear you don't want these white male republicans making laws controlling your bodies and choices (I totally agree but again, it doesn't matter what I think) so why do women keep voting these f'ing republicans into office? 

E-Mail your response. Thank you!

Received from [email protected]

Friday, June 4th, 2021 at 9:07 am

I vote Republican because we are God's party. Plus I want my man to keep his gun so he can fight the BLM democrats when they come to get him.

Received from Antoinette ----------

Saturday, June 5th, 2021 @ 5:02 am

Donald Trump promised to never lie to me, that's why.

Received from [email protected]

Saturday, June 5th, 2021 @ 12:05 pm

You stupid liberal quack pot koolaid drinking vegetable i can't wait to the day you bend on your knees before all mighty God and are judged for the moron anti God heathen witch that you are. You and all psycho liberals. Any person who hasn't had a Gun gets seriously injured or dies at the hand of a criminal who has one. You should watch the last Rambo movie.

Received from Belle ------

Sunday, June 6th, 2021 @ 4:00 pm

I vote for whoever my husband tells me to vote for.

Received from -------- (Utah)

Tuesday, June 8th, 2021 @ 9:00 am

I want democrats to quit killing babies.

Received from

Thursday, June 10th, 2021 @ 3:15 pm

I voted three times for the real winner of the election. He will be reinstated on August 1st. I love winners!

Received from ------------

Tuesday, June 15th, 2021 @ 8:00 am

Being part of a coup is exciting.

Received from Marjo---------------

Friday, June 18th, 2021 @ 2:41 pm

I don't really know why I do what I do, but all I know is Ted Cruz is a Republican and he's soooo dreamy! I want to be on the same side he is.

A Brief Memorial Day Message from Veterans For Peace @ VFP National

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