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Everything Counts

July, 2020

CAUTION: This Blog is about whatever I want it to be about. Proceed at your own risk.

CAUTION: This Blog is about whatever I want it to be about. Proceed at your own risk.

Welcome to my blog and thank you for visiting. I've always kind of resisted writing a blog because, well, everyone writes a blog. But now I'm retired and writing a blog seems like it's an okay thing to do now. I guess it'll be about whatever I decide it will be about.

You can enjoy the XP Blog Theme Song right now.

Gonna Go Fishin'

Saturday, July 18th, 2020 @ 10:00 am PST Since I officially retired from DUESD on June 30th, it's way past time to go fishing, so my brother-in-law, Joe, and I will be spending most of this next week on Lake Powell on his 27' Boston Whaler doing just that. Since I'll be miles away from civilization (the primary goal), I'll probably miss posting XP's FREE Daily MLB Picks on Thursday and/or Friday, but that's the breaks. I'm sure I'll bring back some pictures to share right here but, um, not right now.

Fun Lake Powell Facts

Sunday, July 19th, 2020 @ 8:20 pm PST I'm psyched about enjoying this next week at Lake Powell and because I'm an information gatherer I've been spending some time gathering information. I came across Lake Tourism Fatalities: A 46 Year History of Death at Lake Powell by Travis W. Heggie, Ph.D. Results indicated "There were 351 fatal incidents resulting in 386 deaths between 1959 and 2005. Over the 46-year period, the average number of fatalities was 8.4 (±5.26) per year. Out of all fatalities, 282 were classified as accidental, 80 were classified as natural deaths, 13 were suicides and 5 were classified as homicides. Males accounted for 80% of fatalities and tourists aged 20–29 years and 10–19 years accounted for 36% of all fatalities. The highest number of fatalities was recorded in July (74), May (64), August (63) and June (59). Out of all accidental deaths, boating (29%) and swimming (22%) were the most common pre-death activities. High winds capsizing boats and carbon monoxide poisoning from boat engines were common factors contributing to 31 boating fatalities. Fatigue and exhaustion contributed to 22 swimming deaths." Gee whiz.

Hitting The Road

Monday, July 20th, 2020 @ 6:00 am PST It's been a long time since I've been on the road. I'll be off for a week or so camping, boating, and fishing - you know, roughing it. I'm not even taking my computer. I may go all week and not even hear the news. This could be great. See you in a week or so! Go A's!

I'm Back!

Saturday, July 25th, 2020 @ 8:00 am PST I returned yesterday afternoon from a great week at Lake Powell. Although I've seen thousands of pictures, they don't compare to the real-life experience of actually being there in person. After boating, camping, fishing, cooking, riding out a big storm, trekking up the mucky beach to set anchors, and two long days of driving there and back (and more), I must say I'm exhausted and have acquired a few nicks and bruises; at my age it'll take me a few days to get back on track but it was all worth it. It's actually been a long time since I've been out in the wilderness, far from civilization and it was great, um, getting away from humans for awhile (nothing personal of course). I also [re]learned a few basics, like, next time be sure to bring rain gear and a working rod and reel and stuff like that. Thanks to my brother-in-law, Joe, for inviting me and guiding me through the full lake and canyon experience and keeping me alive on his spectacular boat.

Not Gonna Happen Today, But...

Sunday, July 26th, 2020 @ 10:00 am PST It's a beautiful July Morning (well, I like it when it's 104 degrees) and the Pirates vs. Cardinals game starts in an hour. XP Sports is looking for a huge 4 Unit StL (RL-1.5 +115) win. We already have dinner plans for this evening so it's too late today but definitely this week, maybe Tuesday, would be a perfect day for me to BBQ some St. Louis Ribs, grab an XP Lite AWHIN Beer, and watch the Redbirds take on the Twins. That's what I'll do on Tuesday. That's my plan.

A Visitor Recently Asked...

Monday, July 27th, 2020 @ 7:30 am PST A visitor recently asked, "What is the goal of your web site? Do you even have a goal?" The question was asked in the context of him hoping that I would be sending him money - he felt he could help me better articulate my goals if I paid him for his service. Well, I have a goal. In fact, the XP Site, just like you, has a lot of goals. It's possible he was unaware I haven't posted much in the past several months because one of my goals is to post daily MLB picks and there hasn't been MLB. It's possible he did not know I've been pretty occupied for six months trying to wade through the bureaucratic red tape and procedures related to enrolling in your Medicare, Social Security, and retirement institutions, not to mention working full-time. It's very likely he didn't stop to think that maybe I just haven't been that motivated recently because my heart and soul, just like your's, have been ripped away by you-know-who and every day it's draining to try to find new ways to try to cope with our new national fascism. I'm certain he didn't account for the fact that it's difficult to be inspirational, insightful, and motivating when you don't know if you're even gonna wake up alive tomorrow. I think he wasn't thinking of much other than money while I've been thinking about other things. So I'm gonna start a blog, why not? (Originally posted July 18 as an XP Site Update)

July's FEATURED Article

XP News Interviews a Trump Cult Member

Should Federal Agencies Involved in the Portland Protests be Identified?

by XPsych

Monday, July 27th, 2020 @ 11:45 am PST

Cartoon by Tom Toles

XPN: “I’ve seen your posts on Facebook and I’m glad we’re able to meet today in person as I am hoping you can help me understand some of your comments and views about this topic.”

TCM: “You and all the other sheep don’t understand anything and never will.”

XPN: “Well, okay, it might be good to start with the unidentified law enforcement agencies, if that’s who they are, in Portland removing protestors from the streets without identifying themselves or providing the reason they are forcibly removing the citizens.”

TCM: “That’s fake news.”

XPN: “I think everyone agrees that is actually happening.”

TCM: “See, that’s what happens when you listen to CNN. They hate Trump. They’ve been out to get him ever since day one.”

XPN: “Every news source, even Fox News, has covered this story. It’s a fact that this is happening. There may be different views about whether it’s good or bad or why it’s happening or what should happen, but at least everyone can agree it is a fact.”

TCM: “That’s your opinion.”

XPN: “So we can’t even agree that protests are happening in Portland?”

TCM: “What, you like violence? Would you want all that violence happening in your neighborhood? I bet you didn’t even think about that. You socialists don’t think – everything you do is based on your hatred of Trump.”

XPN: “So are you okay with some unidentified person, a person in full camoflaged military gear, removing a citizen who is exercising his or her right to protest?”

TCM: “We need law and order to return to our streets. Donald Trump is the right guy for that job. Thank God he’s not a career politician. He’s for law and order. You seem to want chaos.”

XPN: “I’m the first one to recognize that things are complex and there are rarely easy answers to a lot of social and political issues, but let’s focus in on the question of unidentified agencies taking protesters in Portland. Can we at least know what agencies are involved?”

TCM: “If the protesters are not doing anything wrong, they don’t have anything to worry about and if Trump called them in then you know it’s the right thing to do.”

XPN: “Well, there are some questions about that…”

TCM: “That’s what I figured you would say. Why do you hate Trump so much?”

XPN: “I’m not really talking about Trump right now. Look, I don’t want violence and civil unrest in the streets and I hope peace can return soon but I think at the very least, the people in uniforms should at least identify to which agency they belong. It looks like they are possibly federal agents? All I want to know is, are they the police, federal police, military, FBI, CIA, DHS, ATF, US marshals, private contractors, vigilantes… who? How does a citizen know if they are being restrained by an official authority or merely someone, anyone, dressed up to look like an authority?”

TCM: “While snowflakes like you are complaining, Trump is doing what needs to be done to restore law and order to our communities. He’ll have his forces in every town and city across the nation if he has to.”

XPN: “Uh, yeah, so it sounds like you are okay with some sort of Secret Police force taking citizens off the streets in Portland – and apparently every other community across the nation?”

TCM: “Obama did the same thing only worse.”

XPN: “Gee, I don’t remember that. Do you have a source for that?”

TCM: “You go look it up yourself. It’s well documented.”

XPN: “Um, okay, so it sounds to me like you’re fine with unidentified persons in full uniform taking citizens from the streets? I’m just trying to get a ‘Yes’ or ‘No’ answer.”

TCM: “This is what happens to people when they listen to Rachel Maddow. You ‘believe’ all this is actually happening in Portland.”

XPN: “Can we at least agree that there are protests in Portland?”

TCM: “Citizens have a right to protest. Read your Constitution.”

XPN: “So we agree that citizens have a constitutional right to protest but still they are being taken from the streets for protesting? I don’t understand.”

TCM: “Wake up! It’s because they’re violent. They seem to get even more violent when shot with rubber bullets… that’s how dangerous these people are. They must be removed.”

XPN: “Then we at least agree that it’s a fact that there have been protests in the streets of Portland?”

TCM: “Riots need to be subdued. It’s the job of the government to keep peace in the streets. Why can’t you appreciate the fact that my president is keeping you safe?”

XPN: “I guess there is some debate whether they are peaceful or violent protests, and maybe even some might call every protest a riot I guess, so either way, doesn’t an accused citizen have the right to at least face his or her accuser? Shouldn’t the citizen at least know who is grabbing them off the street and taking them away? Are citizens disappearing?”

TCM: “You’re just making up things and calling them facts like all the other Libtards. It’s people like you who are the real problem… you’re escalating things where it is causing rioting in the streets. We can’t let socialism come to America. Trump will do whatever he has to do to stop socialism.”

XPN: “Are there any facts upon which the two of us could ever agree?”

TCM: “Aren’t you aware of fake news? Just listen to CNN… every single thing they say is fake news. You need to wake up.”

XPN: “It’s true there are a lot of opinions from all news outlets from both and all sides and sometimes determining the true facts may be difficult at times, extremely difficult for many it seems.”

TCM: “Now you’re understanding that the media is to blame for all of this. They’re always completely inaccurate and unfair. And if they didn’t cover this story, then none of this would be happening. If re-elected, I’m sure Trump will be able to completely eliminate the media once and for all. All they do is try to impeach Trump, day after day, and he’s been proven to be completely innocent every time.”

XPN: “Well, not exactly, he, um, was impeached, but let me ask, if an unidentifiable person wearing a weapon walked up to you on the street and forcibly threw you in a vehicle and whisked you away, would you be okay with that?”

TCM: “That’s never going to happen to me because I’m not a violent socialist protester rioting in the streets of Portland or anywhere else, so it’s a non-issue. Those people deserve to be removed if they are criminals.”

XPN: “I’m just asking if the authorities should be wearing some kind of identification – that’s it, that’s all I’m asking.”

TCM: “Don’t you realize what it will be like if socialism comes to our country? Why don’t you think about these things? How dumb can you liberals be? If Biden gets elected, it’ll be the worse thing that could ever happen in America.”

XPN: “Hmmm, okay, well, obviously there are a lot of issues and that’s why I keep trying to just focus in on one of them – if some kind of Secret Police or someone is taking citizens from the streets of Portland, obviously as per Trump’s orders, it sounds like you’re okay with that.”

TCM: “I never said that. We don’t even know for sure if any of that’s really happening. You believe it’s happening. Or more likely you want it to happen. Like I said, whatever Trump is doing, he is doing it to keep you safe – why can’t you appreciate that?”

XPN: “Is Trump's strategy de-escalating or escalating conditions?”

TCM: “Well, one thing is for sure, here’s your fact you’ve been wanting: Trump hasn’t done anything worse than Hillary, Bill, and all the Democrats. Those socialists are the real criminals. Thank God Trump isn’t a politician.”

XPN: “So whatever Trump does, it’s always the right thing according to you and even if it’s not the right thing it’s still not as horrible as everything Obama and Hillary and Biden and Pelosi and Schumer and all the Democrats do and really Trump is blameless because everything is the media’s fault?”

TCM: “Why don’t they ever charge Democrats with anything? They’re always pressing charges against Trump and the Republicans. Obviously they hate Trump. It’s a witch hunt. They are after him just because he’s not a career politician and he is exposing them. Thank God he's not a career politician. Why do you keep watching CNN? Come on!”

XPN: “I was really kind of hoping to get your view on whether or not the agencies involved in Portland should be identified, that’s all.”

TCM: “Don’t you know doxing is going on? Protestors are getting the names of agents and posting personal information online, putting the agents and their families at risk.”

XPN: “Oh, maybe you misunderstood me. I’m okay if the agents don’t identify themselves by name for that very reason – I want the agents to be safe and I want their victims to be safe. Really, I just want to know what agency or agencies are involved. That’s all.”

TCM: “Of course they should not have to identify their personal information. That would put them at risk. They would be in danger.”

XPN: “Okay, I think maybe now we understand your answer. Thank you for your time. Is there anything else you would like to add or talk about today?”

TCM: “See, that’s what I’m talking about.”

What Would...

Tuesday, July 28th, 2020 @ 8:40 am PST There's been a lot of talk, speculation, apprehension, fear, and anxiety about the possibility of a new US civil war. Would we recognize a civil war if we saw it? Is it possible the civil war is already here, happening right before our very eyes? What would a civil war look like to you? It's kind of looking like a civil war to me. I don't know, maybe I'm just being a snowflake.

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They came in peace...

Aliens Issue Statement Asserting That Sex With Them Does Not Spread The Coronavirus.

Andy Borowitz, July 29th, 2020

The New Yorker

Photo by Martina Badini, Shutterstock

They came for the money...

The alchemists kept trying to make gold out of lead. Year after year, decade after decade, they tried every way they could think of to turn lead into gold.

The primitive origins of mental health consultation have evolved from three prototypical helping roles: the sage, technological advisor, and the healer.

From the text:

"Another prototypical helper, the healer, evolved in all primitive cultures to attend to the the sick and injured (Moore, 1970). The healer, whose expertise came both from medical technology and from the supernatural, was both a physician and a priest or sorcerer (Sigerist, 1965). Healers usually treated visible illnesses -- such as wounds and fractures -- by rational methods, since their origins and the necessary services were obvious. But when symptoms were internal or of uncertain origins, healers turned to religious prayers and sacrifices or to tools of sorcery, such as amulets and potions. Thus society came to associate healing with the supernatural. Although the importance of non-rational elements in treatment declined with the growth of medical technology, vestiges of ancient beliefs frequently appear. For instance, people -- particularly those in crisis -- sometimes assume that doctors possess esoteric insights and curative powers. This attribution is at times extended to modern [mental health] consultants. In any case, consultants often find themselves in a healing or ameliorative role."

"The Profession and Practice of Consultation" by June Gallessich, Jossey-Bass Publishers, 1982, pp. 18-19. 

There are some or many who, for a fee, will want to magically heal you, to cure you, to turn your life into pure gold. Whether psychiatrists, pastors, or politicians, be careful, maybe you're not the one with the problem. Maybe you don't need to be cured - maybe they do. Or maybe you do, I don't know, but you should figure it out.

Education Cornera

Finally, school starts next month! There are a lot of great Back-To-School Sales going on right now. If you are, um, lucky enough to live in Florida, be sure to take advantage of the Back-To-School Sales Tax Holiday from August 7-9. Betsy DeVos has directed that schools shall reopen no matter what and informed parents that if their local district doesn't open their doors, then they have choices, such as private schools, charter schools, religious schools, etc. - anywhere but her evil public schools. You probably already are aware that the president's son's school is closed due to health risks but your president wants your kid back in school at any cost. You're probably already aware of that. Anyway, just a reminder that you, as parent, ultimately do have choices and one of them is to refuse to allow your child to attend an unsafe building or campus. Good luck!

Photo Source Unknown

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Photo of the Month

We still don't know for sure who they were or why they were in Portland but we think we know. In fact, we're pretty sure we know. Never forget this.

USA Final Grade for July


Sorry, but July was a pretty poor effort by too many of you (you know who you are).. Let's see if we can't perform just a little bit, you know, a whole lot, better in August. We can do it!