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Everything Counts

Happy New Year!

Welcome to the New XOG. Now, with almost daily updates, you don't have to wait for the first of every month to visit. Check back regularly to see what's new. See you soon, and as always, thanks for visiting The XOG!

No Time...

"There's no time left for you.

I'm on my way to better things.

Seasons change and so did I,

You need not wonder why --

There's no time left for you.

No time, I got no time...

No, no, no, no, no... time"

The Guess Who

Not to worry, The XOG will always have time for you! Thanks again for visiting!

Unfinished Business

There's a lot in the works for 2012. XP has a lot of great goals this year. 2012 will be great. Be part of it.

Don't Worry, Go Boating!

I took my own advice.

You are looking at my cool 1986 Amstar Lazer mini-speedboat! I'm going boating.

See you on the water!

More coming... 

Moron RtI...

(January 1st, 2012, The XOG) As the XOG visitor is aware, George Bush's NCLB threw out the normal curve, declaring all children will graduate and go to college and become doctors, presidents, or astronauts. Most, but not all, social scientists would agree you can't, um, just throw out the normal curve. The science behind the social sciences is [used to be] based on the normal curve.

The behaviorists seem to be the exception in the soft sciences. With their RtI vision, they rebelled against the use of norms-based assessment (i.e., assessment based on the normal curve), stating it's, um, not valid, and then coming up with their own newfangled approach symbolized by their new little triangle. By now you've probably seen the RtI triangle they developed?

What does it look like to you? 

Check back soon...

I bet if you return in a few days there'll be more good stuff here! Don't wait until the first of next month!

Happy 4th of July!

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