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Everything Counts

The DSM In Real Language (IRL)

Which terminology do you prefer, the official DSM "medical disability," or In Real Language?

DSM/Psychiatric/Medical Term


Adjustment Disorder

Antisocial Personality

Aspergers Syndrome

Bipolar Disorder

Borderline Personality Disorder

Conduct Disorder





Gender identity Confusion

Intermittent Explosiveness

Internet Addiction


Minimal Brain Dysfunction

Mood Disorder

Narcissistic Personality

Not Otherwise Specified (NOS)


Opposiitonal Defiant Disorder

Post Traumatic Stress

Premenstrual Dysphoria

Reading Disorder

Social Anxiety Disorder

Substance Abuse Disorder


In Real Language (IRL)

2nd grade male doesn't like your awe-inspiring three hour lectures

It takes awhile to get used to you, you know?

Chooses to break the law; a criminal

Kid seems a little different to me

Has good days and bad days, just like you and me

Manipulates the system or others for self-gain

Doesn't like your invented rules or your authoritarian attitude

Sadness, a human emotion

Student experiencing trials-and-errors in learning math

Student experiencing trials-and-errors in learning to write

Student experiencing trials-and-errors in learning to read

This is any of our business?

Student gets angry, sometimes very angry

Loves the internet, like millions of other humans

Wants nice things s/he sees in stores and takes them

Just seems a little slow

Sometimes in a good mood, sometimes in a bad mood

Inflated ego, self-centered, thinks s/he is never wrong, a jerk

We don't know what it is but it's obviously something

S/he seeks and benefits from a highly structured classroom

The teenage years

Trying to recover from or cope with a difficult life situation or event

Um, that time of the month

Is not that great at reading

Student is shy

Takes illegal drugs, just like millions of Americans

Give me a break

As always, you get to decide. What do you want? Big fancy DSM words, labels, and diagnosis (and all the "treatments" that go along with them)? Or real language?

In Real Language (IRL), the mental health system is designed to make a lot of money for a lot of people, especially "advocates," those in psychiatry, and the big pharmaceutical companies.

I'm not the only one who sees it this way... millions are opening their eyes every day. Will you?

"Every behavior committed by a human is a human behavior." (Asbridge, 1994).

I hope you will continue to gather information about this important topic (i.e., the invention of "diseases," "disorders," and "conditions" so drug companies can make a lot of money). There is a lot of information out there already, just start by going to your favorite internet search engine, type in any of these "disorders," and use your critical thinking skills as you investigate.

I've been all over this topic for over fifteen years and I'm optimistically thinking millions of people and organizations are finally starting to get it - or maybe not.

This ClassiX has been around [the world] since at least 2006. Updated & Republished: July 5th, 2019

IRL © 2006, 2013-2020. Donald J. Asbridge, Ed.S. Bakersfield, CA USA. Some rights reserved.​