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Everything Counts

Life Is Too Short...

No More Homework Wars

Every afternoon, evening, and weekend across the United States, hundreds of thousands or even millions of parents and their children are waging homework wars - sometimes for hours at a time. Homework becomes increasingly important as students progress through each grade of their educational careers, so please don't misunderstand me: I'm not saying, "don't do homework," I am saying, "No homework wars!" All of us parents spend a lot of time encouraging our children to choose to regularly and responsibly complete their assigned studies, but if/when the situation turns to stress, groundings, taking away items, pressure, arguments, punishment, groundings, restrictions, etc., the student may begin to really dislike homework (and school), become angry, and may be less likely to choose to complete the work. if you find you and your child at odds over homework, remember that tomorrow is a new start, a new opportunity for him or her to make the right homework choice - and your child will make the right homework choice sooner or later (hopefully sooner!). In the meantime, even though homework can be important in some ways,so is family time, friends, hobbies, dinner, sports, clubs, music, physical activities, relaxation, and a million other things! So I don't have an easy answer to the homework question, but I do know we all have more important things to do than spend four hours a night engaged in homework wars with our children. Life is too short to spend four hours a night arguing.

I did not invent the term, "Homework Wars." You can Google™ the term and find millions of entries regarding homework [and the associated wars]. And there are of course many different, um, beliefs related to homework wars and as always, you get to decide for yourself if you want to spend all night yelling at your kid.

     "Life is very short and there's no time for fussing and fighting... we can work it out."

To me it's pretty sad that I keep getting so many students referred to me because they are already burned out on school halfway through first grade and his/her family is crumbling because every evening is constant warfare once the student gets home. The student is already grounded for life at age 6. Then one thing leads to another. It's just... sad.


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