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Everything Counts

XP's FREE Online Mental Health Gun Screener

Are you qualified to buy a gun? Find out NOW! Take XP's FREE Online Mental Health Gun Screener. Good luck.

Everyone from Joe Biden to the NRA are demanding that mental health screenings occur before an individual can purchase their gun, especially if it's some kind of assault weapon. As always, XP is here to answer your call. Thank you for putting me and the mental health field in charge of this complex societal issue. Always happy to help. 

This screener was developed in 2013 and remains as valid today as it always has been!

Find Out If You Can Purchase Your Gun Now!

XP Mental Health Gun Screener

You must pass this mental health screening in order to purchase a gun. Answer the ten questions and then press the "Submit" button. See the next section for what to do next. Good luck!


Question Choices
1. What is your current DSM diagnosis?
b. Aspergers/Autism/Social Anxiety
c. PTSD/Depression/Bipolar
d. Other(s)
2. What psychotropic medications do you take?
a. Prozac
b. Abilify
c. Ritalin
d. Other(s)
3. What side effects to your medications do you most often experience?
a. Suicidal or homicidal ideation
b. Paranoia
c. Nausea, disorientation, confusion
d. Other(s)
4. What is the highest level of behavior interventions you required in school?
a. Sad faces, lectures, warnings
b. Referrals, detentions, contracts, monitoring
c. Behavior plans, suspensions, anger management class
d. Expulsions, institutionalization, criminal charges
5. What is your present level of mental health care?
a. Counseling, therapy, anger management
b. Medications and/or court-ordered therapy
c. Brain stimulation, psychosurgery
d. Group home, institutionalization, incarceration
6. Which statement best describes your feelings/mood right now?
a. I am calm and rational
b. The only one who can stop a bad guy with a gun is a good guy with a gun
c. Someone needs to stop these shootings and I'm the right guy for the job
d. I'm mad as hell and I'm not gonna' take it any more
7. Which of the following most often provides the basis for your moral choices?
a. The U.S. Constitution
b. The Bible
c. What my parents taught me
d. I use my own standards of right and wrong
8. Upon graduation from high school, what was your GPA?
a. Above 3.00
b. Between 2.00 and 3.00
c. Below 2.00
d. I did not graduate from high school
9. Which term best describes you?
a. Good guy
b. Bad guy
c. Resident of Texas, Utah, Colorado, or Idaho
d. Teacher
10. What is the primary reason you want to purchase an assault weapon?
a. I'm a collector or hunter
b. I want to protect my right to own guns
c. I want to kill the bad guys
d. I like to target practice

Next Steps...

The Vice President and the NRA have spoken. They propose and demand that:

a) you pass a mental health screening before you can purchase a gun; and

b) I better manage your mental health.

If you passed the XP Mental Health Gun Screener, congratulations! Take a screenshot of the results, print them out, and proceed to your local gun dealer to purchase the assault weapon of your choice! Just present the printout to them and it should be no problem.

If you failed the XP Mental Health Gun Screener, I am sorry. You may retake the screening in twelve months.

In the meantime, you need to comply with, and document, the following services:

a) Make an appointment with a counselor, therapist, or psychiatrist to determine your accurate diagnosis;

b) Initiate and follow through with your new schedule of medications;

c) Schedule at least eight formal sessions with the mental health worker;

d) Attend at least four anger management and/or parenting classes;

e) Submit to at least one home visit by social workers;

f) Be tested by a psychiatrist to determine if or if not you will require brain stimulation;

g) Be tested by a psychiatrist to determine if or if not you will require psychosurgery;

h) Undergo additional clinical evaluation by a psychiatrist to assess your highest GAF levels to determine if or if not you will require placement in a group home or institution. If so, the placement may be short- or long-term, depending upon the judgment of the psychiatrist.

Note: most will require some form of ongoing case management services/interventions (mo$t people do). That's okay though, you are receiving the best care possible. Most mental health services should be covered through your private insurance carrier. If insurance does not cover the fees, or if you do not have insurance, you may need to find a second source of income.


For the rest of 2020 only, I am offering a one-time special for your mental health care. I will provide options a, c, d, and e listed in the previous section for only $10,000. Contact me to take advantage of this special one-time offer. I am certain that, after taking advantage of this offer, you will be able to pass the screening.

Mention code XPPSYCHSCREENSPECIAL2020 for an additional $10 off!!!

Sources & References

NRA-IRL Institute for Legislative Action. "Since 1966, the National Rifle Association has urged the federal government to address the problem of mental illness and violence. As we noted then, 'the time is at hand to seek means by which society can identify, treat and temporarily isolate such individuals'."

About the XP Online Mental Health Gun Screene

This online mental health screener is copyrighted by XP right now, right here (8:45 p.m. PST, Monday, January 14th, 2013). If you want your own mental health gun screener you must obtain permission from me; there will be a fee.

Although this is a free screener, a $50.00 processing fee is due now. E-Mail XPsych and you will be provided with payment instructions.

The results of your XP Online Gun Screener have been entered into a national database, as per the desires of the NRA.

All I keep hearing is that millions are demanding "mental health screenings" before you can purchase a gun. And I keep hearing that the vast majority of you want mental health to better manage the mentally ill? You do realize that everyone fits into the DSM somewhere, right? And everyone who has a DSM diagnosis is considered to be mentally ill, right? Um, all of you (and I) will qualify as possessing some kind of, um, DSM disorder. Think about that for a second.

Make sure you stay informed regarding all of the newest and late-breaking news related to this important issue so you, as a consumer and citizen, can make informed decisions. I encourage you to do the following:

1) Google™ the term, "Mental health screener for gun purchase." 2,610,000 returns. Read them and think.

2) Contact VP Biden and encourage him to officially adapt my version of this mental health $creener!

3) Contact the NRA and let them know we have finally found the mental health screener they seek.

4) Contact me to get the process started to buy your gun now, baby!

I want to thank you for your extreme trust in me and the others in the mental health field, but maybe you should spend some time reading up on the history of psychology, psychiatry, and mental health? According to the DSM, um, well, all of you are just a bit, you know, in need of some mental health interventions.

As always, I encourage you to be careful what you ask for.

In any event, this is a great money-making opportunity for me and I want to thank you again!!!

As always, I remain way ahead of my time: as far as I can tell, I am the first to develop a mental health screener to determine if or if not you can purchase a gun. It's not researched based (NRA has discouraged any real research). Keep your eyes open though... there will be many more copycat screeners coming soon and mark my words -- none of them will be free. Go with the original!!!

Please contact me soon. We need to get your diagnosis, sessions, home visit, and medications started. Note: since I'm retired, I will no longer be able to provide direct services but contact me and I'll get you headed in the right direction.

This is no laughing matter.

If you know someone who is planning to shoot others, contact 911 immediately.

FREE Online Mental Health Screener © 2013. Donald J. Asbridge, Ed.S. Bakersfield, CA USA Some rights reserved.