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Everything Counts

Take The Fun Test!

There are few things in life more enjoyable than taking a test, so XP is providing a FUN TEST for you right here, right now. Okay, you can call it a quiz if you want. Either way, good luck!


There are six multiple choice test items. Answer each and you will be provided with immediate feedback regarding the correctness of your responses. When finished, your Results will be reflected as a percent, which will be your Final Score. Good luck!

Whoops! This quiz isn't working right now (1/16/20)... The Fun Test should be back online soon!


The purpose of the Fun Test is more than just to have fun. The point of this exercise is to show how easy it is to develop and administer a test that measures a construct in a reliable and valid manner. You have probably already figured out that we assessed for, and found, The Elusive Blue and Silver Space Dragon.

Although XP has not completed a formal research study, informal data was collected in early 2017 from approximately 20 participants in field testing. High (>.90) test-retest reliability coefficients as well as high internal consistency was inferred given the fact that almost nobody missed any of the test items.

In Real Language (IRL):

Everyone want reliable and valid instruments to assess for the SLD construct, in fact it's the law. This test shows you can easily assess for a construct in a reliable and valid manner even if the construct is bogus.

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Code for Fun Test through • The test is online at

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