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Everything Counts

FREE Resource for Mayors, Governors, & Presidents

Use this FREE Resource so you can be prepared for when the next mass killing comes to your community. There's no need to reinvent the wheel in these situations, just complete the template and there's really no need for you to feel like you need to do anything else. Save time and money!

Dear Mayors, Governors, Presidents, and/or Other Public Officials:

XP knows you are very busy all day long doing those things you do and it is a major inconvenience to you when a violent incident in your community interrupts your day. This free helpful resource is developed for you to utilize in those times. If you would like, you can assign this task to an aide or an assistant and you can continue to not spend any time at all addressing the issue of public violence. This template can save you a lot of time!

Directions: Fill in the blanks and/or circle the correct choices and then you can get on with your day!


From the Office of [your name]: ___________

Date [insert date]: ___________

I am heartbroken over the horrible attack that occurred [when] ___________ in [where] ___________.

I am offering my thoughts and prayers to the victims and families.

I have spoken with [identify who you spoke with] ___________.

I am offering assistance to law enforcement as they investigate.

I commend the police and other first responders for their bravery and quick response to save lives.

Information is being gathered and updates will be provided throughout the day but subsequent updates won’t be provided for many more weeks or months.

Police believe there was/were [insert number] ____ shooter(s).

We know the shooter was a white male but it’s too early to provide additional details on the suspect’s identity or possible motive


He is [circle correct answer]: deceased in custody

[If applicable] Information regarding possible other shooters: ___________

[If applicable] Information regarding possible links to terrorism: ___________

The suspect used a [describe gun/weapon] ___________

At the present, there are [insert number] ____ confirmed dead, [insert number] ____ wounded.

The injured are being treated at [insert number] ____ hospitals.

No details about the victims have been released. We are praying for them.

I will be updated throughout the day by law enforcement agencies who are working together.

I commend the grit and resiliency of the citizens of [identify community] ___________. My thoughts are with you.

I’m ordering all flags to continue to be flown at half-mast. As you know, they already were being flown at half-mast due to the recent mass killing spree in ___________.

Please don't demonstrate or protest; rest assured all of us elected governmental officials are doing everything possible to bring these senseless killings to an immediate end. Until then, be sure to vote.

And always remember that mental health and not anything or anyone else is ultimately to blame for all of these horrific events. Take the FREE Online Mental Health Gun Screener.

I am certain there is nothing else I am able or willing to do to help in any other way regarding this ongoing societal tragedy.

No one ever thinks anything like this could ever happen here.

God Bless the people of ___________.

Published Sunday, August 4th, 2019 @ 9:00 a.m. PST

FREE Resource © 2019-26. Donald J. Asbridge, Ed.S. Bakersfield, California USA Some rights reserved.