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Everything Counts

XP's Boating Page

Video from Twisted Liquid Marine

It's almost summer and it's time to get back on the water, baby! More updates coming soon!!!

I'll share some of my favorite boating stuff on this page...

My Mini-Speedboat

This is my cool, rare 1986 12-1/2' Amstar Lazer mini-speedboat. I purchased it in December of 2011 and have spent a lot of time fixing it up and had it out on the lake many times this past summer.

More info on XP's Lazer Page!

Lazer Dreams...

Haven't done this yet, but it's gonna happen this summer!

While We're Talking About Mini-Speedboats...

TLM sells cool and affordable performance mini boats! Check them out!!!

Call Geoff today at 888-521-4626 (Lake Havasu City). Let Twisted Liquid Marine get you on the water now!

Visit and join MBM (Mini Boat Madness), a new forum addressing everything you need to know about these vessels! 

2015 NJBA Racing Schedule @ Lake Ming

UPDATED: Here is the 2015 jet boat racing schedule for Lake Ming:







21st & 22nd



Bakersfield, CA


18th & 19th



Bakersfield, CA


16th & 17th



Bakersfield, CA


20th & 21st



Bakersfield, CA


26th & 27th



Bakersfield, CA


17th & 18th



Bakersfield, CA

Check the NJBA website before attending; schedule is subject to change.

They Don't Make Them Like This Any More!

The Uniflite 17.5 Express Cruiser. They don't make them like this anymore.

This Space Could Be Your's!

$1000 and your message will be placed right here! $500? $50?

Here It Is Again...

Who Needs A Million Dollar Yacht?

I could live in this sixteen-footer for a summer. Who needs a million dollar yacht?

Who Needs A Million Dollar Home?

A great alternative to getting buried in a lifelong mortgage debt is to live on a boat! Don't go buy a brand new one at $500,000... check out craigslist. You can get a 32' foot yacht for $5000 and up. The one pictured above costs $30,000 but there are plenty in the $10,000 range (or even lower if you want a bit of a project).

When I start talking like this, people always point out to me that there are still dock fees, water, electricity, etc. That's true, but usually they're a lot cheaper than some one-room apartment. You could live in a one-room apartment for $1200 a month or live on a boat like the one pictured above for about half the price... and then, you own it! 

Happy II

There's something magical about some vessels. This is one of my favorites of all time, the Happy II. Put together after his first small craft (the, um, Happy I) was irreparably damaged, Howard Wayne Smith was attempting to set a circumnavigation record for small boats - it's about fourteen feet long.

He only made it as far as Australia, where customs seized the boat; to this day it remains in the Queensland Maritime Museum.

When I look at this vessel, it looks like a "small ship" to me.

Obviously it won't set any speed records as it's basically a buoy.

About ten years ago I sent an inquiry to a nautical engineer. I asked for an estimate as to how much he might charge to design and build a similar boat. He approximated $110,000 for the hull only! Wow, no wonder the boating industry is in such a failing state.

A one-person sailboat you could live in for months, controlled from within and protected from the elements. Cool! 

Pocket Cruisers: The Danica 16

Only 25 of these rare craft were manufactured by Peter Hahn. Some vessels have such a classic design you can't help but love them.

There's more information about this one, and other pocket cruisers, at ShortyPen's site.

This boat was not named after my daughter and my daughter was not named after this boat, nor was she named after any race car driver! 

Pocket Cruisers: The Guppy 13

Here's another of my favorites... the Guppy 13 manufactured by Melen Marine.

In spite of it's small size it purports to be able to berth two!

You can occasionally find some of these around for sale in varying states of project status.

These small boats are so cool. 

A Brand New Modern Cruiser...

I have to include a brand new beautiful modern design on this page. Why not this Sea Ray 350 SLX?

Searching For A Used Boat?

Use DailyLister for your nationwide search! 

Happy 4th of July!

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